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In this month, we will examine the impacts of Education on modern societies from wide-ranging perspectives. These articles will be beneficial in helping you to understand and appreciate the significance of Education. Through this comprehensive discussion, you can apply your newfound knowledge to answer GP comprehension and essay questions effectively. Do not hesitate any further, browse through the following articles and explore the wondrous field of Education together!

Political Perspective

The proliferation of education plays a part in shaping the political developments in societies. Education empowers an individual with political consciousness and fosters a sense of national identity that is critical for nation-building. Given these diverse political impacts, it is important to examine how exactly education can influence the course of developments in the following articles.

Nurture politically enlightened individuals

One function of education is to facilitate the transmission of information to individuals so that they achieve knowledge acquisition relating to the topic of politics therefore resulting in the development of political awareness. Education plays a part in countering the issue of political apathy by highlighting the importance of cultivating active and politically enlightened individuals.

Build political identity for nation-building

Another role of education is to foster political identity by understanding the importance of political participation in societies so that individuals will engage in various activities and promote a sense of togetherness to achieve the aim of nation-building.

GP Essay on Political Perspective – The significance of education to a nation

This article is the 3rd segment of a 5 part series covering Education. To ensure seamless reading, you may wish to start from the first segment of ‘How is Education important’.

Education has a critical role in ensuring a smooth and effective development of a nation. From its infancy state, education is important as it provides political leaders the essential knowledge to govern a newly-independent nation. In subsequent stages as the nation matures, education plays a part in cultivating a politically-conscious and active population to achieve political stability. In this essay we will examine the importance of education in affecting the political development of a nation.

Education guides political leaders to govern a newly-independent nation. One significant aspect of education is that the proliferation of education. It imparts political leaders with the knowledge to govern a young and independent nation. Following the period of decolonisation, political leaders in newly-independent Southeast Asian nations, like Singapore and Indonesia, have applied their knowledge from Western education to spearhead the political development. For example in Singapore, the establishment of political systems and administration is based on the British colonial systems and modified through application of Western education and knowledge. As such, it is evident that education is important in guiding political leaders to govern young nations.

Education also supports the cultivation of a politically-aware and active population to achieve political stability. Another important feature of education is the cultivation of a politically-aware and active population to counter political apathy and achieve stability. In addition, education imparts individuals with the know-how and means to find out more about the topic of politics independently, such that these citizens will appreciate the role of politics in the maturity of societies. For example, the American education system stresses the importance of politics because it empowers individuals to pursue political activism through social movements and political campaigns. Although political activism may give rise to frictional encounters and conflicts, the active participation amongst these politically-informed citizens will show that the citizens are keen to be involved in the political development and governments should encourage from-the-ground participation which would result in political stability.

In addition, education empowers individuals to exercise their political rights. In democratic societies, the functioning of governments, including the renewal of leadership, require the conduct of fair and regular elections in which these elections are significant only if individuals exercise their voting rights. Education also helps to raise awareness amongst the individuals so that they understand the significance of political participation, especially the notion that every vote matters. In some cases due to undemocratic procedures, individuals may boycott the electoral process by abstaining from voting. Even so, such actions clearly highlight the implication of the political situation in these countries. For example, education has been a key factor that resulted in politically-aware individuals in the Arab Spring of 2010 that led to the political revolutions. Supported by the use of social media, these educated and politically-charged individuals harnessed technologies to advocate specific agendas which led to short-term destabilization and subsequent political stability in a sustainable sense. Hence it can be observed that education guides individuals to understand and exercise their political rights.

In conclusion, education is significant in guiding the political development and maturity of nations. This development is made possible by the transmission of information and knowledge to individuals, who will engage in political activities and participation that will impact societies and governments.

How else can Education be important?

Education is important in the political development of nations in the positive sense. Furthermore, education has other impacts, namely the individual, social and economic perspectives. In this section, you can learn more about other related impacts of education to derive a better understanding of this GP issue.

Individual Impacts: Affect our personal lives

Education enriches and empowers us individuals as we become more aware of the issues that affect societies. Education creates numerous opportunities for individuals to pursue their aspirations in life. Furthermore, education can act as a social leveller to help the underprivileged ascend the social ladder and escape the poverty trap.

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Social Impacts: Affect the way we interact

Education cultivates a civic and orderly society in which individuals can discern right from wrong. Education inculcates in people the concept of morality and ethics in which individuals, especially the young, to identify the potential pitfalls and repercussions of committing certain undesirable and inappropriate behaviour. It is evident that education brings about social stability and cohesion as education reduces the likelihood for individuals to engage in crimes.

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Economic Impacts: Affect the way we work

Education promotes economic development through the cultivation of skills and knowledge, to nurture a skilful workforce. Through knowledge and skills acquisition, workers can attain higher wages which will create the incentive for workers to work harder which raises productivity level. Education promotes innovation as the transmission of new ideas and skills enables individuals to facilitate the development of new industries and opportunities, thus promoting economic development.

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GP Issue for Discussion

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