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We will examine the topic of Science and Technology by paying attention to its impacts on different aspects of society, particularly its impacts on our personal lives. These online resources will be beneficial to your study of A Level General Paper as the information is organised into separate topics and important sections so that you can understand the key issues well and apply them to your essay and comprehension answers. In the following sections, you can learn more about the intricacies of Science and Technology in affecting our lives in many ways.

How does Science and Technology affect our personal lives?

This article is the 3rd segment of a 5-part series covering Science and Technology. To ensure seamless reading, you may wish to start from the first segment of ‘How does Science and Technology Affect Our Lives’.

Technological advancements are revolutionary. Its effects can be observed in many aspects, namely the way we speak, write and observe what’s around us. In this section, explore the interesting facets of Science and Technology to understand how exactly specific discoveries and innovative designs have influenced human behaviour.

The way we talk and listen

Science and technology has affected the way we converse with one another as the introduction of efficient communication means, such as teleconferencing and almost instantaneous messaging have enabled us to overcome the constraints of time and space. As a result, the acceleration in the transmission speed of information has shaped us to receive information and covey ideas to others quickly, such that traditional means of communication are replaced by newer alternatives. For example, youths may be more comfortable with direct messaging rather than face-to-face interaction, which may become a hindrance to the strengthening of social relationships.

The way we read and write

Science and technology can also affect our literacy, seen in terms of reading and writing abilities. Technological innovations have improved the accessibility of information, seen in terms of the alternation of existing platforms and creation of newer modes that allow us to obtain information conveniently. For example, the ubiquitous nature of the World Wide Web was made known to the public at the start of the 21st Century. This new means of information retrieval has made it possible for individuals to seek information efficiently. On the other hand, the use of instant messaging (e.g. WhatsApp) and micro-blogging platforms (e.g. Twitter) has influenced its users to read and write in short forms, resulting in the modifications of the language.

The way we look at the world

Science and technology can also shape the way we perceive things and issues around us. This means that the scientific innovations and discoveries have influenced our perspectives. For example, the incessant influx of information, which is supported by the widespread use of social media and online news networks, have contributed to the desensitization of news. As a result, desensitization hinders our ability to empathise with others, such as unfortunate victims of natural and man-made disasters.

How else can science and technology affect our lives?

Apart from understanding how science and technology affects our personal development, it is also crucial to examine its impacts on other areas, such as the psychological, social and economic aspects. In this section, you can get a preview on other related effects of Science and Technology on the modern society, which will be further elaborated in the respective short essays.

Psychological Impacts: Affect the way we think

Science and Technology affects our psychology, in which our brains are re-wired to think differently. While it is undeniable that technological advancements have provided us with much comfort and convenience, these discoveries also carry subtle and adverse impacts on our psychological development. For example, frequent usage of smartphones has an addictive effect, seen in terms of the tendency to check our mobile devices for updates on the social media platforms and instant messaging apps.

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Social Impacts: Affect the way we interact

Science and Technology can influence our social behaviour as these innovations modified our means to communicate and interact with one another in the modern society. One such social impact can be seen in terms of the growing interconnectedness of individuals, which is amplified by the use of online communication channels, like instant messaging applications and social media platforms. For example, an individual possessing a smartphone mobile device in one country can reach out to someone else in another country via WhatsApp, in spite of the long distance geographically. Therefore, individuals are not required to be physically present at the same location to engage in social interactions.

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Economic Impacts: Affect the way we work

Science and technology has economic impacts that affect the way we work, such that there are both positive and negative repercussions on the societies. One such economic impact is the heightened degree of competition within and between industries. The stiff competition could be linked to the increased usage of automation, which may threaten the relevance of contributions by humans, resulting in the loss of jobs. Skeptics have claimed that automation may make humans obsolete as machineries are not constrained by physical limitations, especially when handling laborious tasks. For example, automobile manufacturing and maintenance used to be handled by mechanics. However, over time these mechanics are being replaced by robots that can complete car production and assembly in shorter time.

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