GP Tuition Bishan – JC GP Notes
At, we provide useful information to help students become prolific writers who are poised to excel in their A Level General Paper examination for both the comprehension and essay writing papers. Our materials can be classified as follows:
a) JC GP Essays
These model essays depict diverse types of essays with different requirements and under different themes which will help students attain fundamental knowledge on how essay writing skills are to be developed.
b) JC GP Notes
There will be discussion on certain social issues and academic concern that would help to broaden our students general knowledge and this would be critical in helping them to generate the development of ideas in their essay writing and understanding of comprehension passage.
c) JC GP Skills
These are articles that would help students to nurture their linguistic and thinking skills to enable them understand better of passages, make reflective thinking, conduct logic discussion and develop expressive causation.

How does Environment affect business?

How does culture affect the politics?

How does education affect politics?

GP Tuition Bukit Timah – How does Science and Technology affect our personal lives?